Two (2) Positions Available

Division: Family Preservation and Support

Department: Preventive Services

Reports To: Supervisor

Parent Skills Educators provide families involved in the child welfare system with an effective, culturally sensitive approach to strengthening and improving parenting skills. Our customer base are parents identified by Erie County Department of Social Services who demonstrate a need for improved parenting skills. The goal is to assist families with developing parenting techniques that can keep children safely in their home, and avoid foster care placement. Parenting Skills Educators deliver services within the family’s home, including skill assessments, individual parenting plan development, hands-on-skill demonstrations, coaching, and reinforcing parenting ability. The Buffalo Urban League utilizes

best-practiced parenting skills and evidenced based parenting curricula in service delivery.

General Duties:


  • Responsible for services in the home and community that focus on the need of the parent for instruction and guidance.

  • Engages in a trusting, supportive and nurturing relationship with parents. 

  • Build skills and competencies that focus on role modeling, listening, home management, early child development, and personal coping behavior.



  • Minimum BA/BS degree preferred in human services or related field; and at least one-year experience in case management or implementing direct client services to multi-problem families. 

  • Working knowledge of computers and computer software (NYS CONNECTIONS is a plus). Basic typing & computer skills.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

  • Ability to carry out assignments without direct supervision. 

  • Valid Driver’s License, Insurance, and daily access to a vehicle. 

  • Ability to work flexible hours. 

  • Bi-lingual in Spanish (desired but not required).



  • Exceptional interpersonal and empathy skills. 

  • Ability to relate well with clients, staff and others.

  • Ability to communicate a warm, caring, non-judgmental approach. 

  • Excellent organizational skills. 

  • Excellent verbal and written skills are required.

  • Positive attitude toward job, fellow workers and agency. 

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Access applications. 

  • Takes initiative in assisting staff with projects and is self-directing.

Specific Duties:


  • Responsible for stabilizing and helping families in need of intervention by providing in-home parenting education and referring these families to community based resources. 

  • Works in concert and as a team member with casework staff with the goal of ensuring the safety and protection of children by improving parenting competency. 

  • Assists families to strengthen the parent-child bond, reduce social isolation, build trust, and help parents identify their children’s needs and appropriate ways to respond to those needs and discipline. 

  • Provides program and service information to clients. 

  • Makes recommendations to Case Planner regarding needed community service linkages. 

  • Assists with nutrition education (i.e. meal planning, advice on grocery shopping, meal preparation), information on homemaking and budgeting topic, parenting techniques/skills, and assistance in accessing community resources. 

  • Prepares progress notes and other documentation related to services or contacts with clients. 

  • Maintains a caseload of six (6) cases and submits billing requirements daily. 

  • Meets with parent(s) daily/weekly as needed and/or prescribed. 

  • Conducts “topic specific” workshops each month 

  • Teaches how to utilize public transportation to medical/services appointments, ECDSS appointments, etc. Providing transportation as appropriate. 

  • Assists parent(s) with improving or re-engaging with extended family members’ additional support and adequate support system. 

  • Participates in monthly case conferences with Case Planner, Scheduled Service Reviews, and Continuity Meetings with family and Case Planner, etc. 

  • Prepares for and testifies in Family Court as requested. 

  • Other (as assigned by supervisory staff).


In addition to the responsibilities of the functional job description are the special responsibilities required of all Buffalo Urban League personnel (i.e. answering telephones, assisting with tasks necessary to maintain the day-to-day operation of the program and to assist with essential functions when emergencies arise).

Please Note: This job description is intended to identify and list the responsibilities, duties and qualifications for the position. It cannot be considered all-inclusive, however, as changing organizational circumstances can result in changes to some of those responsibilities, duties and qualifications. Further, every task supporting the functioning of the position may not be listed or not listed in detail.

The Buffalo Urban League has a commitment to equal opportunity employment by affirming the value
of diversity and by promoting an environment free from discrimination.

Submit resume and cover letter to: Dr. Kathy Evans-Brown


Over the course of the year, our staff and volunteers work diligently to promote achievement for all by encouraging individuals, supporting families and strengthening community.

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